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Situation Update: It’s Go Time! Protest Nightmare! Trudeau’s Troops Trample & Kill a Grandmother! Full Dictator! Sonic & EMF Weapons Used On Protestors In Australia! Globalists Colluded to Experiment On Humanity With Vax! – We The People News

Even at my age, I could see that the police/law enforcement was no longer for the protection of the people but for the protection of the State. They protected politicians and followed their orders as people were murdered. I don’t concern myself with the property damage. Things can be replaced or repaired. A life taken is murder. As law enforcement stood watching, they became complicit in the murders. I now view the posturing of police and their supporters as a distraction to the truth. They are our enemies and will pounce on us when ordered. Look at Australia and New Zealand as available examples. When will they be ordered to pounce on you and your children?

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