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Situation Update: Independence Day! White Hats in Control! Explosives in WH! Biden: Crash Economy & Start WW3! Vax Has Intelligent Poison! Major DUMB Clean-Out! Russia Martial Law! – We The People News

Fauci 8.9 million 8.9 ADMINISTRATION AND DISCIPLINE IN DETENTION FACILITIES Detention facility commanders may establish rules for detainees in the detention facility and conduct disciplinary proceedings, subject to the requirements for humane treatment.74 8.9.1 Complaints. Detainees should be permitted to submit, without reprisal, complaints regarding their treatment or conditions of detention to the detaining authorities.75 Investigatory procedures and a practice of timely and effective investigations of credible complaints of maltreatment also help ensure that allegations regarding treatment or conditions of detention that may arise years after the detention can be addressed.76


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