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Situation Update: Covid Days Are Numbered! Murder For Big Pharma Hire! Hospitals Paid For CV Deaths! MSM Narrative Changing! Russia Biden Corruption In Ukraine! – We The People News

A closed mind is a terrible thing to waste.
So many here to make that case.
The Art of War you should embrace.
Yet some can not see it and just erase.

Some say that God does not care.
Oh to you ones please be aware.
That God is watching you with a stare.
Go against him if you dare.

For I embrace my heavenly Father.
I pray to him it is no bother.
Those who do not, oh well just be.
Lost in your pain and misery.

When the day comes you will see.
Just how awesome my God will be.
I pray by then for you to be.
A child of God, I pray for thee.

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