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Situation Update, Aug 3, 2023 – Biden Declaring a Climate Emergency, Will Seize All Energy, Food & Production (Communism)! – Mike Adams

– How RFK Jr. and Donald Trump could DEFEAT the deep state together
– Biden may declare a #climate EMERGENCY to seize control over all food, farms, energy and production
– A climate emergency would make COVID authoritarianism look like child’s play
– “Climate” is the excuse to deploy #COMMUNISM across America and end all remaining human freedom
– The entire climate change narrative is a delusional HOAX pushed as a form of psychological #terrorism
– Why do climate cultists despise a warm, wet, lush, green planet with lots of photosynthesis?
– Americans are purchasing over one million #firearms each month, arming to the teeth
– Trying out moldable leather holsters that conform to the pistol
– Interview with Brian Festa / We The Patriots USA, covering the MEDICAL KIDNAPPING of children by Missouri officials

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