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Situation Update: Are You Ready For What’s Coming? Nuclear WW3 Event Threat! Stock Market Crash Looms? Federal Reserve & Central Banks Bankrupt! False Flag Event Incoming! mRNA Killing Children! – We The People News 

Here’s What People Are Buying Right Now!

President Trump speaks in Wilmington North Carolina tonight.
We are all well aware of his distinguished bio to bring light.
We pray to God for him to release us some intel.
Like Brandon is gone he won that would make us yell.
Or how about anything that ignites a bombshell.
Dear President Trump oh please do foretell.
That you have finally carried out Gods plan so well.
Finally ready to come forth and ring the freedom bell.
This movie has shown us pain and suffering say farewell.
For you Mr. President they put you through h*ll.
We are very glad you are the best at a hard sell.
Love America and We the People too we do tell.
We pray with you Mr. President, God hear our voices swell.

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