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Situation Update, 7/16/21 – Health Ranger Exposes Planned Takedown of America! – Mike Adams Must Video

(Natural News) This crisis has been entirely engineered by globalists, and it’s all part of the chaos that they want to see erupt all over the world. Largely due to loss of jobs, food scarcity and lockdown tyranny, the impoverished South African citizens are rising up to lash out in anger. As is often the case, they are irrationally over-reacting, now burning down the very infrastructure that might provide them with food, electricity and fuel for years to come.

This is all by design. And the situation is rapidly imploding into a failed state or a civil war, depending on whom you ask.

There are key realizations you need to grasp about what’s happening in South Africa:

  1. This engineered chaos is coming to America and other Western nations soon, for many of the same reasons.
  2. The destruction of infrastructure will lead to long-term destitution, famine, collapse and war.
  3. The police are overrun and out of ammunition. They are largely helpless against the looting masses.
  4. Only civilian security forces (i.e. militias) are providing effective safety and security for residential communities.
  5. Food is extremely scarce. Mass famine has already begun. Those who did not prep in advance may die.
  6. Gun control means you DIE, because only those with firearms are able to defend themselves and stop the looting mobs.

… I cover many more critical realizations in today’s Situation Update podcast, below.

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