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Situation Update, 08/02/21 – Bioweapons “Nuke From Orbit” Phase About to Commence! – Mike Adams Must Video

They’ll beamform signals from space or 5G towers to the phone, which will change the configuration of the graphene. They’ll do small numbers at first and then yes, blame the anti vacxers for it. I’m sure they have chosen the people who they want to go first, and yes…perhaps they’ll target doctors first.

False flag to occur as soon as the AZ audit results begin to come out. Media needs to shift the focus. When you hear of local reports of some agency conducting a drill it means the false flag is imminent. The crisis actors have already finished crying for the cameras, the only thing the Deep State needs is for the skies to line up to look just like they did during the drill. Edit the two different days and mix in the crisis actors to make it all look like one seamless event.  [show less]

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