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Since covid first appeared, doctors, scientists, microbiologists have been getting murdered – what’s really going on here? 

There has been a strange uptickin murders among scientists, doctors and microbiologists ever since the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) was first announced by the government.

Dr. Andreas Noack out of Germany, for instance, was mysteriously offed not long after he publicly discussed the presence of graphene hydroxide in Donald Trump’s Operation Warp Speed “vaccines.”

In the fall of 2020, Noack had police break into his home with guns pointed at him simply for doing a video report that challenged the globalist narrative surrounding “covid.” Roughly one year later, Noack was found dead inside his home after highlighting the presence of poison inside the jabs.

Not long after his death, Noack’s partner put out a video explaining that she believes he was murdered for talking about the “nano-scale razor blades” that are contained within Fauci Flu shots.

The prospect that Noack was murdered became even more valid after the globalist-backed Politicofake news outlet put out a gatekeeping story not long after that claiming that Noack had simply died from a “heart attack.”

“Yet we all know that the CIA created a ‘heart attack gun’ that would leave its victims dead of heart attacks, completely untraceable,” reported Stefan Stanford from All News Pipeline.

“Think that globalists wanting to silence anti-vax researchers, especially such as Dr. Andreas Noack, wouldn’t use such a weapon?”

If you contradict the government, you might end up on a hit list

If Noack’s death was isolated, then maybe one could chalk it all up to chance. The problem is that numerous other vaccine researchers have also turned up dead since the plandemic began.

Another one was Domenico Biscardi out of Italy, who had warned just prior to his life ending that he was planning to go to the European courts with evidence of what he found in the so-called “vaccines.”

Just like Noack, Biscardi died under mysterious circumstances and his death was blamed on a “heart attack.”

In this article from History of Yesterday, you can read all about the CIA heart attack gun that is “a lot more terrifying than it actually sounds.”

“Through my readings of declassified CIA files, I have presented various experiments that the CIA constituted, but never have really focused on information that was blightingly out in the open such as the top-secret weapon known as the heart attack gun,” explains Andrei Tapalaga.

“You can say that the gun looks like a toy at best, especially with that ridiculous scope, but from the descriptions of the American senator Franck Church, the weapon is scary, to say the least, even to today’s standards.”

Noack and Biscardi are just two cases among many, by the way, of prominent researchers and scientific experts who have had their lives terminated early under suspicious circumstances.

Investigator Steve Quayle has been documenting this phenomenon for many years because of the sheer number of anomalous deaths among experts in science, medicine and health who thought outside the box about their fields of expertise.

Remember Dr. Jeff Bradstreet, M.D., who was found in a river with a gunshot wound to his chest? Or how about Dr. Bruce Hedendal, DC, PhD, who was found dead in his car with no explanation?

There was also Dr. Teresa Sievers, a natural health doctor from Florida who was murdered by an “unknown attacker in an upscale neighborhood that experiences very little crime.”

Erin Elizabeth at Health Nut News compiled a list back in 2016, long before covid, of 106 holistic doctors and health practitioners who turned up dead. All of them had expressed viewpoints that bucked some official element of science or medicine.

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