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Shocking Videos Of Chimeras, Secret Underground Mag Lev Train, And Deep Underground Bases Of The US!! Is This Real Video Footage Of Reptilian Silhouette??

Here’s What People Are Buying Right Now!

IITM:  Stunning footage, and even more stunning, that the public can have at least 28% of their budget go to these underground cities… now at least 131 of them… imagine one ‘city’… 2 miles by 2 miles by 2 miles… just staggering in size.

Another striking notable, is that these cities are partially staffed by ‘surface’ humans… geez… gotta be numbering in the 1000′s easily… I read a convincing story years ago, that entire neighbourhoods exist, where the people live a double life… they have their surface life, and then at night… the phone rings… and they ‘wake up’… and ‘go to their night job’… in some sort of trance-like state, where they just do what they are told, and seemingly have no freewill to stop.  

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