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Shocking Video: Inside the Biden White House Leaves People In Disbelief…”What depraved sh*t is going on in there?” Take a Look (IF YOU DARE)

Whose idea was this? This is an actual video from inside the Biden White House:

Twitter is ablaze with WTF after WTF from people who just watched a clip of a supposed satirical look at being a White House intern from a snarky comedian.

The Biden regime’s attempt at humor is in full view below, and it’s embarrassing.

The comedian walks throughout the White House, delivering snarky comments to White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki.

He’s got very long white nails in a gender-bending way and is throwing attitude everywhere.

Does anyone think it’s funny to disrespect and mock the job of a White House intern by acting like a jerk to everyone he crosses paths with?

Raheem Kassam said what everyone is thinking about this hot mess: “What depraved sh*t is going on in there?”

But wouldn’t this be exactly what we’d expect from the Biden regime?

While our southern border is flooded with covid-positive illegals who are currently fanning out across the US, we have this ridiculous attempt at humor from the Biden regime?

“We need to get shots in the arms of every single American.”

This is an actual video from inside the Biden White House.

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