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Q Truth: JFK Jr. / Clones / Secret Military Tribunals /GITMO Executions! Shocking Behind The Scenes Intel! – Christian Patriot News

Epic Times reports all military not vaccinated to be discharged. where is the congressional law allowing this? Nowhere because it doesn’t even exist! Treasonous!

The whole world is on it’s knees, But it will need to get an awful lot worse to wake up the sheep, It has to be this way I’m afraid, We have turned our backs on God wether you like it or not ! You have to realise that every single government in the world are satanic worshippers, Jefrey Epstein is just a pawn in the game, Small fry to what these monsters around the globe have been doing! Our only hope of surviving is to stand up and fight.

So, I guess we are done, because that just isn’t going to happen. The only time any so called patriots will rise up, will be when the evil is knocking down your door. And then, it’s too late. Sorry, but it’s true. We can’t even quit watching football and basketball, or drinking Coca Cola.

Remember when Q warned us about a biological attack? And when it did we get warned of a killer vax by the cue crew? If you were truthfully informing Patriots, would not that be a #1 priority? Attacks on Q make the resistance believe it more.

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