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Pizza Gate eating babies – best news here

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Pizza Gate eating babies

All these trannies are gone…you are seeing clones and doubles.
Banks in India will be closed till the end of month….
Deep State did Hurricane Ian..I think Ghislaine Maxwell’s boyfriend was called Ian.
The negative Entities always use weather to their advantage…but the White hats also use the
plays of the Deep Sate to do their Chess moves.
Starlink by Tesla not really Elon will be introduced in other words the Cabal internet and phone systems are down and will be replaced with Starlink connections..from Sapce and the Cabal cable system all over the world will be terminated and replaced with Starlink.
Putin will take care of Rothschild Nazi Ukraine.
many of the top boys on TRENDING spewing about Nuclear war and mikey adams with his Fear mongering
this is the Scare Event…has to be done..but there will be No Nuclear will be the excuse to shut down the World and bring in a NEW WORLD with a new money system backed up by gold, new internet, Free more gasoline in the future or paying to the Power companies.
Interent has been slow for days and many banks have had problems with their websites.
Those that were censoring me for sometime have stopped except for mikey adams who is
in bed with many boys and of course THE FREEMASON BITCH BOYS.
Things are going on behind the scenes on the internet, the switch is coming.
The old system is being removed……a new and better World is coming
with no wars and no poverty

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