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Off The Record: Here’s What Intel Sources Tell Me Is Actually About To Happen! – Mike Adams Must Video 

Here’s What People Are Buying Right Now!

Big Chess Moves in the process.Cancelations on the midterm elections suppose to be cancelled,among other cancelations. Monkey Werx!

Spoke to my father this morning about possible situation. He’s a democrats, jabbed 3x etc.. He knew not one thing about WEF and thinks it’s a conspiracy theory that’s been out there for decades. Thinks market will rebound and inflation is just like any other time.. Point being we couldn’t even converse because he’s 100% oblivious. And he’s a 40yr financial advisor. But he, like many others only watch msm for info. People have no idea.. I’ e been trying to decide whether to sell my house and rent, take the cash and load up on my metals. And if i didn’t have 16yr old in HS this transaction wouldnt be a big deal… And.. How will i re-buy at 10-15% interest rates and potential hyper inflation? Or…. Decisions are difficult right now other than to prepare.

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