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Nurse Warns America: Unvaccinated Americans Now Being Denied Healthcare! – Banned Must Video

Whistleblower nurse Erin Olszewski joins Owen on the War Room to discuss the concerning rise of Americans being denied healthcare because they are unvaccinated.

It’s a “vaccine” so safe and effective that it needs medical apartheid in order to work.

If this is going on, which I do believe it is, the murderers can never allow their crimes to be discovered. I’ve learned through friends that their jabs are not recorded in their medical records. Is this for future deniability? Will the medical community use it to wash their hands of complicity by saying they didn’t prescribe the jab? When family members say their relative was told by their doctor to take the shot it will be deemed hearsay? What about bosses forcing you to take the jab or lose your job. Will the courts rule you did it voluntarily and the employer say they didn’t give medical advice? We already know if you die within 2 weeks of the jab you are not listed as a vaccine death but as an unvaccinated death. Will they all be “coincidental” deaths? I want to know what these hospital administrators have been ordered to do. And who ordered them. I’m starting to believe bill gates’ divorce might not have been about epstain island visits. Did she find something out and wants no part of it? Did or will she be moving out of the country? If this thing ever gets overturned there are going to be screams for justice starting with the local hospitals, doctors all the way up. I’m afraid to prevent us from ever knowing they have something planned to avoid justice.

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