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New Navy Seal Michael Jaco: The Horror in Afghanistan Is Going to Be Forgotten Soon as the V Crisis Hits! (Must Video)

My son got the thing, by going to a party where 60% of the people were vaccinated and all came down with it. He said it broke his spirit, he called me and had the talk about death like I’m not gonna make it he said that it feels very unnatural and you don’t even have the will to breathe.

So even though we all know it’s rare, we have to remember it is a bio weapon for the few people that do get it. At this point I’m not sure you could have immunity to it because I’m not sure what it’s made out of. I know the mask won’t help because it is a 3 µm and the virus is a 1 µm. However people should be working on their health and natural immunity against any kinds of viruses and flu‘s. Because it’s out there, and you can get it. So don’t do the Jabberoo, but fight it with being healthy if you can. Going through this process with my boy, I’m now a believer that it is one nasty bio virus.

Read Suzanne Humphries Dissolving Illusions: Diseases, vaccines, and the Forgotten History. I got a flu shot in 2008. I had a serious reaction and ended up with stage two Kidney Disease. It’s all fun and games until a “vaccine” injures you or a loved one. I am the only adult in my family to refuse the bioweapon. No one else would listen to me. Now I find myself dreading this fall and winter.

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