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New Mark Taylor Is Back! Patriots Civil War Rising – The Frontline – Live and Lit on Truth Unveiled TV

New Mark Taylor is Back! Patriots Civil War Rising. The Frontline – Live and Lit on Truth Unveiled TV

M@rk is back with old and new information! God has been setting an urgency for his soldiers to get on the frontline – spiritual warfare is about to get real. We discuss the issue of a civil war arising because the Liberal Dems are pushing the Patriots too far. At the end of this battle, God wins!

Paul, thank you for yours and Mark’s message tonight. A while back Mark had mentioned about taking our children out if the schools because of the indoctrination going on. We have withdrew our 12 year old daughter from the public school system and now homeschooling her under a Christian curriculum. I just wanted to tell Mark how much I appreciate him and his ministry. God bless you both!!! Karen Bush

What do you think? Let us know in the comments. Hope everyone has a great weekend.

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