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New Dark Outpost: Woman Says She Was A Sex Trafficking Gift to the Pope! Claims She Witnessed Adam Walsh’s Murder

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Cassiopeia and Brittany Daddino of Beyond Duality Inc. join us to discuss the scourge of human trafficking. Cassiopeia reveals she was given as a gift to the pope, and that she witnessed the murder of Adam Walsh, the son of John Walsh (America’s Most Wanted). She claims John Walsh sexually molested her and trafficked her. John Carman has the latest intel from inside and outside the beltway and brings on two Russians who believe that the United States government is behind the destruction of the Nord Stream pipeline, and the placement of bioweapons labs in Ukraine.

Dr. Bryan Ardis presents two attorneys who are filing lawsuits on behalf of patients and their families damaged by inappropriate medical protocols such as Remdesivir in the treatment of COVID, including one family whose two month old baby is about to be given that protocol against the wishes of the parents. Laura Worley puts together puzzle pieces to the cabal, and claims that you cannot be a victim of MK ULTRA mind control if you are not loyal to Satan.

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