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Navy Seal Michael Jaco: Directed Energy Weapons Used In Dixie Fire, Take Out Cali Town of Greenville! – Must Video

Hey bud it’s the town of Greenville. I live an hour away from fire. Fire fighters have come into my Practice and Are PISSED OFF because they have been held back as to let that fire get out of Control!!!

Hey brother the family across the street from me has their son in the USMC. He said no one had a choice. They lined everyone up in his platoon and forced them to get the jab. This is a very sad day. To give the entire military an experimental Jab that is killing many many people and disabling tens of thousands. Just think what will happen when this THING get activated…make sure your battel gear is ready. This really is an infiltration of our country. Any commander that goes along with this is a traitor to this country!

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