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NATO fires a tactical nuclear weapon in Ukraine. Commentary from Russell Bentley. 

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Russian forces intercepted a Western Tactical nuke in Ukrainian Military Control in February. This is a changing point, and incredibly dangerous.

Now soldiers have been injured by nuclear material at Gorlovka – about 50k from Donetsk.

Tune in!  John Mark Dougan from Moscow.

Code name Flower intelligence guy revealed – a tactical nuke was intercepted by the Russian military in February.  Pictures.

Russell explains that this use of nuclear dirty bombs is not unique.

The dirty nuclear bomb which was captured on an airoplane at Gastomel airport in February 2022 – targeted by Russia deliberately right at the beginning of the SMO.   The bomb was ready to go.

The nuclear power station at Energodar, Zaporozhia was also involved in the production of dirty bomb material, and development.

The Ukrainians/NATO would probably use a dirty bomb in a false flag operation.  This is a major threat.

Russia should be winning conventionally and would have no reason to use a nuke.  Russia must retain the initiative, and make some major advances, so the world sees that Russia would have no need to use a nuclear weapon.

As Ukraine will no doubt use a nuke as a false flag.  But they are already firing nuclear weapons against Russian troops.

At 39 minutes video shows that nuclear material was fired and affected many Donetsk soldiers who showed symptoms of radiation sickness.

50 kms from Donetsk.

This from multiple reliable sources.

The West, NATO will do anything.  Torture.  Murder of civilians.  There is no depth to which these guys won’t sink.

Sirovikin is now in charge and we need to keep moving, says Russell.  The Ukrainians have used biological and chemical weapons already.  Now they are using nuclear weapons.

We have a choice of victory or death.  Let’s make it victory.  The Western media are ignoring the use of nuclear weapons by NATO.

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