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MOABS From TRUMP HOTEL! April 1 Breaking Juan O’Savin Situation Intel Report! TRUMP “This Is A BATTLE To The DEATH! NCSWIC! We’re Going In There & KILL The DEEP…

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Broadcasting straight from a TRUMP HOTEL comes THIS SPECIAL, LATE-BREAKING, MIND-BLOWING REPORT! The FREAKY-EYED GOONS in the Deep State are trying to convince people around the world that POTUS Trump is going to jail for the rest of his life….IN YOUR DREAMS, FREAKS! The TRUTH is that the CABAL is beside themselves with ANGER and FEAR as they await their FINAL DESTINATION! As POTUS Trump said, “….NOTHING CAN STOP WHAT IS COMING! This is an EPIC BATTLE to the DEATH! We’re going to go in there and KILL THE DEEP STATE!” With that said, the Cabal is hoping beyond hope that the fake indictment against him now will offset some of the MASSIVE CONTROL they LOST when they lost control over the House Of Representatives. The MAGA Politicians are FULL CONTROL, Patriots – and the DEEP STATE DEMONS simply CANNOT STAND IT! BUCKLE UP PATRIOTS & get ready for the RIDE OF YOUR LIFE as you watch this GLORIOUS SCORCHING of the would-be Destroyers of our Great Nation! DOWN THEY GO!

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