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Martin Armstrong Warns: Terror Attack on Israel a Joint Intelligence Operation to Draw Russia into World War III – Mike Adams Video

Mossad created Hamas to commit terrorist attack so Israel and US have an excuse to start WW3 with Iran and draw in the Middle East and Russia. They will ship US military overseas which will be the excuse to enlist and rebuild the military with the millions migrant fighting age men allowed to pour over the boarder promising them fast track to citizenship, housing, and pay because they are going to get cut them off from free stuff which will create migrant army in America that will kill, confiscate guns door to door and transport population in 15 minute concentration ghettos. They will do the same thing in Canada, UK, and EU.

Our tax dollars are housing, providing income, and cell phones to those who will be recruited to invade us.
The able bodied male immigrants were given cell phones and told they’d be contacted when they were needed.
We will be invaded from within and without.
Bye, bye Babylon.

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