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Mark Levin: Did they really think we wouldn’t find this?

The discourse delves into a pressing concern that has been simmering beneath the surface of American society, a concern that revolves around the alleged infiltration of the nation’s institutions and the potential compromise of its foundational principles. The narrative unfolds, revealing a complex web of organizations and affiliations that, according to some, have been working diligently to subtly shift the nation’s trajectory.

The narrative begins with an exploration of the current state of affairs, where certain organizations are accused of influencing American institutions, from schools to media outlets. The speaker, Mark Levan, suggests that these organizations have been operating covertly, with an agenda that seeks to sow discord and suspicion within the country’s borders. He alleges that there is a concerted effort to censor the American people and manipulate the narrative to serve specific interests.

Levan goes on to discuss the political landscape, highlighting the actions and policies of the Biden administration. He suggests that there has been a shift in policy and approach that may be influenced by external forces. He points to the situation in the Middle East, the tensions with Russia, China, and North Korea, and the challenges faced at the U.S. southern border as examples of areas where the administration’s actions raise questions.

The narrative then shifts to focus on the Biden family, specifically Hunter Biden and his business dealings. Levan suggests that there is evidence to indicate that President Joe Biden was aware of his son’s business dealings with foreign entities and that this raises questions about potential conflicts of interest and ethical concerns. He points to the existence of documents, emails, and testimonies that he believes warrant further investigation.

Levan also discusses the financial aspects of the Biden family’s dealings, suggesting that there may be discrepancies in the way income has been reported and taxes have been paid. He calls for transparency and scrutiny of the financial records and tax returns of the Biden family’s S corporations.

The narrative concludes with a call to action, urging fellow Americans to seek the truth and to be vigilant in the face of potential subversion. Levan’s message serves as a rallying cry for those who believe that the nation’s identity and democratic values may be under threat.

Throughout the discourse, the speaker emphasizes the importance of policies, actions, and statements in shaping the nation’s future. He suggests that the current state of affairs is a result of a complex interplay of forces, both domestic and international, and that understanding these dynamics is crucial for safeguarding the nation’s integrity and future.

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