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MAJOR DEREK JOHNSON Intel Update March 15! Trump: “We Have It ALL! HANG ‘EM HIGH!” Public Executions Slated?! War Powers Act Initiated!

DEREK JOHNSON – AND PRESIDENT TRUMP – ARE DROPPING MAJOR BOMBS on the Deep State Demons in this MIND-BLOWING INTEL UPDATE! Trump says that “We Have It ALL & we’re going to have PUBLIC EXECUTIIONS of all the CHILD TRAFFICKERS & DRUG DEALERS!” The ONLY question that now remains is “Will it be televised on public TV or will there be ‘PAY-PER-VIEW’ events?!?! Little did the masses know that the ‘MILITARY WAR POWERS ACT’ has been Initiated! and the PATRIOTS ARE IN FULL CONTROL! So MUCH has been going on behind the scenes in this SCRIPTED MOVIE that we are now watching on the BIG SCREEN of Life, so BUCKLE UP and get ready for a WILD RIDE in this EPIC TAKEDOWN OF THE EVILDOERS! GOD BLESS AMERICA!

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