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Madonna Satanic Priestess Related to Lady Gaga, Hillary Clinton, Justin Trudeau, Justin Beiber, Celine Dion… Who All Pushed the Jab!  Making New Human Species, “Homo Borg Genesis” Is Celebrity Bloodline…

IITM: Lots of things stun me about this world… like, how a bunch of related people can push a DEATH JAB and CHANGE THE DNA of the human race… and yet they are still free to influence and travel the world, LIKE BEING CO-CONSPIRATORS IN A POSSIBLE GENOCIDE AND EXTINCTION IS NO BIG DEAL. 

In Madonna’s case, she’s going on to have a ‘celebration’ 40th anniversary tour, which is way bigger than Charles’ fake coronation!  Madonna related to Camilla too??? What is going on people, and why are 8 billion people seemingly powerless to stop any of it??

Now I want to drop a bombshell…

It’s NOT really about the covid pandemic… its really about getting certain ingredients into the public to create the new human species… Homo Borg Genesis!

Yup… there are conspirators involved in genetically altering humanity into a lesser evolved and more controllable human hybrid species… and the bloodliners want to rule over them in the next age… or at least so they think!

Homo Borg Genesis imagery…

Madonna literally FUNDED THE DEATH JAB!

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