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Here’s What People Are Buying Right Now!

To make it simple for those that don’t understand the magnitude of this:

The files prove the FBI/DHS were working with the DNC to use Twitter as a workaround to circumvent the Constitution.

There was a plot between a US Political party, US Federal and State Agencies, and Non-Government Organizations such as Twitter, to violate the Constitutionally protected Rights of US citizens.

The Deep State is real.

The Democrats are absolutely insane and completely out of control.

Trump was right.

The FBI began preparations to combat DECLAS years in advance.

They infiltrated Big Tech and established a highly sophisticated mechanism to censor information they don’t want out.

Twitter’s massive number of “former” FBI agents used their infiltration to influence Twitter to be on the look out for “Russian disinformation”. Trained them how to respond to it, via mass censorship.

And now, anything they want to go away, label it as “Russian disinformation”, and POOF!

and CIA BITCH u te uses hitler cheerleader trolls to do their dirty work
to SPY on you and let the Clowns know who is saying what
and keep the same Bald turkey vultures always on Trending in cahoots with the BITCH BOYS and are always crying for the MON NEY

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