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Justin Trudeau’s Facing a Mutiny: Toronto Star Poll Shows 91% Disagree With Ottawa Mayor Jim Watson Calling an ‘Emergency’

Justin Trudeau has opened up a Hornet’s Nest and part of this video talks about his allegiance to the Table of Rome and the Great Reset. This video also shows that the Ottawa Police Chief is connected to Pfizer due to his previous employment with Deloitte and Ottawa Mayor Jim Watson is another World Economic Forum shill working for Justin Trudeau.

Kyle Kemper is no slacker. He is not only Justin Trudeau’s half-brother and Margaret Trudeau’s son, but he also has a business background as the founder and CEO of Swiss Key and a former Executive Director and Strategic Advisor at the Chamber of Digital Commerce Canada. He graduated from Dalhousie University with a BCOMM in marketing business.

Trudeau’s brother claimed that he is a puppet of the New World Order, taking orders directly from groups like the Council on Foreign Relations and Bilderberger.

“He is the face and the lead spokesperson of the Canadian government, but the policies and initiatives that are driving it and are driving this narrative that he continues to push, that in my opinion is anti-freedom and anti-Canadian, is coming down from the higher ups, from groups like the World Economic Forum, the Council on Foreign Relations, and Bilderberg. They recognise they need to have these strong agents within governments and one thing we have seen within governments all around the world are weak leaders who are able to act as spokespeople.”

Justin Trudeau’s brother also stated that his brother’s destructive and anti-freedom ideas do not reflect who he is. In other words, he is under the influence of global elites.

“He is not speaking from his heart. I don’t honestly believe… it’s not candid, there is no actual discussion. He is not allowed to actually engage with the Freedom Convoy and with these people, because there is a lot to unpack here and there are a lot of serious questions.”

“Also when you look at the history of people like Jeffrey Epstein and what their role was, to trap people and blackmail people, and you think about a life of opulence and opportunity, you make mistakes and you get coerced into doing something bad.”

“Blackmail is a very powerful tool.”

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