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Juan O’ Savin & David Nino Rodriguez Highlights: Fast Approaching Tipping Point! Increasing Events of Red October!! – We The People News

The leftist insanity that we are witnessing spawned from Communist plans to destroy America.

Soviet KGB officers inside the CIA initiated a plan to control the government in the 1950s. They enlisted CIA officers as unwitting “assets” targeted for political office.

Chuck Schumer is a CIA officer, and he was one of the KGB’s “assets” when he was elected to Congress in 1980. After the KGB infiltration was exposed in 1984, Schumer and his Deep State colleagues in the CIA and Congress took up the mantle and began their own quest to control the government.

Schumer and his colleagues became acutely aware that the KGB officers assassinated 13 Members of Congress in a 26-year period from 1957 to 1983. Twelve of the assassinations came by way of “accidents” and “suicides” that are now classified as homicides. My book has the details.

The KGB officers assassinated President Kennedy, and they tried to assassinate President Reagan to catapult KGB “asset” George Bush into the Presidency. They also had plans to assassinate Presidents Johnson, Nixon, and Ford.

Renegade CIA officers assassinated four Members of Congress in four separate “accidents” while CIA officer George H. W. Bush was President.

The CIA’s “Republican faction” works with the CIA’s “Democratic faction” to advance the CIA’s Deep State plan to control government.

The CIA’s “Republican faction” got Trump to appoint CIA officer Christopher Wray to be FBI Director to prevent an investigation of the CIA’s election fraud. Wray is now Biden’s FBI Director. Biden has been a CIA-controlled “asset” since 1984.

Trump will be President again, and there will be no Deep State traitors in his next Administration.

I have inside knowledge of Deep State CIA officers building up their control of the government for more than 60 years, and I am exposing it. Paste this link into your browser.

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