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John Podesta Video Leaked by John McAfee! Disturbing, Viewer Discretion

John Podesta Video Leaked by John McAfee! Disturbing, Viewer Discretion

Short EDITED(blurred) video of MR. podesta and an unknown child……. Verbal and physical abuse!

The tragedy of child trafficking, satanic child abuse, human trafficking, forced prostitution, forced labor, heredity slavery that exists in almost every single country needs to be abolished. . .  

I think this is also a time that we should look at ourselves and ask if We The People are not slaves to an even worse kind. . . voluntary slaves to the system. 

What is your life like?  Many of you wake up 6 or 7 in the morning have your breakfast, kiss your wife goodbye your kids or your husband, drive to work commuting up to an hour, spending 9 hours in an airless windowless office artificially lit and then reversing that process getting home just in time to kiss your spouse one more time and your kids, eat supper and go to bed. . .

How long are we expected to do this?? For at least 40 years or more after which we get retired and a shiny gold watch and a retirement fund that can barely fund your eating let alone anything else. . . And this is YOUR LIFE?????




The most miraculous beautiful gift conceivable and this is how you spend it???
You are slaves to the system.
But if you step outside like me
You are Hunted
You are Hounded
Do you have at least the courage to look at yourself and set yourself free?


Nothing Stops This

John McAfee.

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