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It’s All A Lie! Top Doctors Shouting Out The Truth “There Is No Pandemic” – Wake Up! – Must Video

Hundreds of thousands of doctors around the world are standing up and screaming out ….”YOU ARE BEING LIED TO ……THERE IS NO PANDEMIC”.
But still too many are afraid of losing their jobs and remain silent.
These are the COWARDS who are too afraid to tell the truth…….these are the COWARDLY DOCTORS who took an oath to “DO NO HARM”.
My doctor is one such Coward who walks around the office wearing a helmet, mask, rubber gloves, boots and gown. It appears that he is going to the moon.
I was going to post his name here and then at the last second, removed it. I can tell you he is from India if that make a difference. They are all the same …COWARDS.
It doesn’t matter where they are from. They are all the same bloody COWARDS.

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