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Information “Warfare”! Spiritual “Warfare” We The People Must Pray! – AWK Must Video

All politics aside, people period if it be rep-dem-DS-or red blooded American when any individual is being forced past their limits they will fight. if you aren’t ready to fight you will be there soon or you will suffer , it’s how much will you suffer before you are angered? this is the course of things in simplest form. So where are we as a people? I think we are a coiled viper , poised aiming to strike. Timing is everything, time has past for quite a while, it must be nearing an end. I know because I see the venom dripping from the fangs of the People of all the word, who are in need of freedom these are my people, people of god. The enemy to this Evil around us comes from our mouths our voice is our bite , our unity is our venom. But it’s Gods will!

The devil dems and rinos won’t let this get out… anyone watching the Lindell show already knows Trump was robbed… and the people that need to see this won’t… I hate to say this but only the spilling of blood can solve this just like our founding fathers did.. and that won’t happen

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