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ha ha ha ha ha ,thats not elon musk,,,,, that little mug was removed long time ago…. the biological son of “Verner-von-Braun” the nazi rocket scientist,,,elon was just handed over to another elite couple as a kid to be brought up and prepped ..just for the record ,,”ben salman, runs twitter facebook snap chat all internet worldwide is run by ben salman,,,this is his main part …basically trump diana jfkjr-caroline k are running the show from here on,all danger gone “BUT THE 78% DONT KNOW THAT” THER ALL HAV A CONNERY ON THE SPOT ,,, THE NUKE SCARE WILL BE VERY VERY CONVINCING….IT HAS TO BE ,TO GET THEIR ATTENTION,,, YOU HAV TO MAKE THEM THINK ITS ALL OVER ….HA HA HA I CANT WAIT,,,,,, WAITED A LONG LONG TIME FOR THIS ….LATER ,GREATEST RESPECT BLUE ,,NICE TOUCH FELLA ,AS ALWAYS

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