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How Many Hunter Bidens Are There In The Government? With crack pipes being handed out by the Government. How many deviants are motivated by the OPM (opium) hack that renders many blackmailable?

How Many Hunter Bidens Are There In The Government?

With crack pipes being handed out by the Government (coinciding with Black History Month). How many deviants are motivated by the OPM (opium) hack that renders many blackmailable?

Does this not explain the crazy behavior of “Public Servants” in, up, and through Covid-19?

How is this not all over the news?!

The OPM hack gave China intimate details on nearly all U.S. military personnel and government officials.

The “OPM hacks” refers to China’s penetration and exfiltration of over 22 million personnel data files from the U.S. Office of Personnel Management, discovered in June of 2015.

As J. David Cox, head of the AFGE government union, explained at the time, this hack compromised extremely intimate details about all members of the military and government:

We believe that the Central Personnel Data File was the targeted database, and that the hackers are now in possession of all personnel data for every federal employee, every federal retiree, and up to one million former federal employees.

The hacked data included social security numbers, fingerprints, dates of birth, pension status, gender, race, age and former addresses. More importantly, it also contained intimate psychological profile information such as:

• Sexual behavior, perversions, and sexual activities lacking in discretion.
• Risk of foreign exploitation, a metric that quantified an individual’s ability to be influenced by foreign interests.

Using this information, the CCP was able to blackmail, extort or pressure thousands of individuals in key positions throughout the U.S. military and federal government.

This is one of the big answers of how so many people in America have been corrupted by China: our own government put all the blackmail materials in one giant database, and then “allowed” that database to be penetrated by China.

This situation was, of course, allowed to unfold under Barack Obama, a treasonous operative who used such opportunities to compromise American security and feed intel to America’s enemies such as China and Iran.

From 2015 through 2019, China finalized its plan to engineer a biological weapon and release it on the world, knowing it would cause extensive damage to the economy and liberties of America.

This bioweapon also justified the punitive lockdowns which were used by state officials to argue for extended mail-in ballots — a mechanism used to rig the 2020 election and attempt to install Joe Biden as president.

China also knew that America’s only real chance to defend itself from cyber warfare (election theft) and biological warfare (covid-19) would be for President Trump to activate a military response.

So part of China’s effort was focused on ways to injure or kill as many U.S. soldiers as possible, without engaging in direct kinetic conflict, which China knew it would lose due to the technical and training superiority of U.S. military personnel.

Remember: China has been waging unrestricted warfare against the United States. This form of warfare relies on covert attacks such as bioweapons, cyber warfare, intellectual property theft, monetary attacks and so on.

These are indirect weapons that are not easily traced back to their origin, but can still be incredibly effective.

China knew that if the U.S. military could be maneuvered into injecting all U.S. soldiers with a dangerous, deadly “vaccine” (actually, a nanotech weapon delivery system) as a knee-jerk reaction to the coronavirus pandemic, it could weaken U.S. military readiness at the exact moment Trump would need the military to defend the republic and fight off an attempted left-wing Bolshevik-style kinetic revolution attempt.

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