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Health Ranger: Top 10 Reasons To Take The Covid Vaccine…WHAH?! – Mike Adams Must Video

The whole premise of getting a vaccine is based on the supposed science that proves there is more of a threat from the disease than the vaccine itself. Yet, three months after getting vaccinated with the Moderna Covid-19 jab, six of this doctor’s patients are STILL experiencing severe neurological side effects, and they only got the first shot. Was it worth it?

The Chinese Flu is only killing people who are already suffering from cancer, diabetes, heart disease or autoimmune problems, so now why is everybody else told to get jabbed when the risk of vaccine injury FAR OUTWEIGHS the risk of dying from Covid-19, or Delta Variant, or Beta, or Gamma or whatever else Fauci and Gates release next.

A family doctor in British Columbia can’t stay silent about the dangers of these Covid-19 vaccines anymore

He’s had enough. His patients that he’s seen for 10, 20, 25 years are suddenly suffering severe neurological damage and allergic reactions like he’s never seen before, and right after they got their China Flu jabs made by Moderna. Dr. Charles Hoffe is on the record now describing his First Nations patients’ life-threatening “side effects” as he shares this whistle-blowing information with other medical professionals and journalists alike so the word can get out. The vaccine is MORE dangerous than Covid-19. Period.

In his open letter to B.C. Provincial Health Officer, Dr. Hoffe describes the mild effects coronavirus has had in his community, and how they haven’t had to give medical care to the people who catch it, because they just have mild symptoms and it goes away.

Now the vaccine is quite clearly more dangerous than Covid-19, as people are suffering severe nervous system disorders that, months later, are showing signs of being permanent, while previously perfectly healthy other patients (around the world) are suffering blood clots in rare places, like the lungs and brain, just three or four days after vaccination.

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