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Grifter Simon Parkes Exposed: Connecting Consciousness, the Untold Story – M Truth Seeker 2023

Simon Parkes: 2023

M Truth Seeker
Premiered 2023 #Simonparkes #CC #UCCS
Claimed UFO Contactee Simon Parkes parents were Tied to British Intelligence. Simon Claims to have had SEX WITH AN ALIEN. (Even having claims of Human/Alien Hybrid Children)

Crop Circle King and Failed Politician Simon Parkes has been the Target of Ridicule from the very beginning. Many have made countless public accusations denouncing him.
A survey was conducted in Summer 2022, 48 participants of former and current Connecting Consciousness members, the ‘organisation’ run by Simon Parkes Many of whom were in high positions of the organisation, coordinators for area or even country, and other specialist roles Many of whom turned out to have had their memberships terminated by Simon Parkes, Becky Parkes or others in high positions, and many of whom felt they had to resign in reaction to the goings on within the organisation.

This is a reporting of the results, and their, until now, untold story

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