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Global Cover-Up: They’ve Murdered Thousands! And We’re Suing For The Truth! – Thomas Renz – SGT Report (Must Video)

Attorney Tom Renz is a champion for truth who is standing up for all of us. They have murdered thousands of people, quite possibly more than 45,000 according to a government…

Nobody has talked about why most people cannot be awakened.  IF you want to know more, pls look into “Silent Subliminal” technology that was invented by CIA to mind control ppl via subliminal messages.  These messages cannot be heard because it is broadcasts via ultrasonic audio.  The messages can be sent into the subconscious mind directly.  I suspect gov has included subliminal messages via TV programs throughout the scamdemic periods.  The ppl that watch tv programs frequently are trapped in the mind control state to take the vax no matter what. TELL EVERYONE TO SWITCH OFF ALL TV PROGRAMS!!

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