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General Flynn Denied Access to Mar-a-Lago

When longtime Trump ally General Michael Flynn, U.S. Army, Ret., arrived unannounced at Mar-a-Lago last week, he was asked to take a polygraph to access the estate’s command center, where President Trump and his allies have been monitoring White Hat activities and planning the downfall of the criminal Biden regime. Rather than take the test, a flabbergasted Flynn took offense and said that his loyalty to Trump was unimpeachable and that he wouldn’t let a fallible machine judge his allegiance.

Flynn told security that “heads would spin” once Trump learned of his mistreatment, a Mar-a-Lago source familiar with the incident told Real Raw News.

Flynn reportedly tried to phone Trump, who was not at Mar-a-Lago at the time, on the spot, but the president was unreachable. Security, our source said, informed Flynn that he was not singled out, that periodic polygraphs were now mandatory for all persons accessing the command center, regardless of friendship or affiliation with President Trump.

“Was the first time Gen. Flynn wanted access in about three months, so he didn’t know in advance. “We’re now using polygraphs in addition to biometric security. President Trump approved it,” our source said.

Nonetheless, Flynn, enraged and combative, strenuously objected and ultimately stormed off, reiterating that Trump would eviscerate anyone questioning the political fidelity of Michael Flynn, referring to himself in the third person.

“The test is unbiased and not meant to insinuate anything about Gen. Flynn. These are simply dangerous times, and President Trump wants to make damn sure that anyone entering the command center is who he says he is.”

Asked what the polygraph entails, he added: “It’s to show if a person has communicated with nefarious types, you know, Deep Staters. And if a test reveals deception, the person must give a plausible explanation. It’s that simple. This is a safety precaution.”

President Trump learned of Flynn’s outburst Friday evening from his security team and Flynn himself. Our source said Flynn apologized to the president for causing a commotion but still felt slighted at being asked to take a lie detector test. He reminded Trump of their friendship and the praise Trump had recently heaped upon him.

In May, President Trump spoke via telephone at Flynn’s “ReAwaken America Tour” held at the president’s Miami resort, heaping upon him a flurry of blandishments: “We’re going to bring you back,” “I knew it from day one — you’re really somebody very special,” and “You’ll be on our front line.”

Trump and Flynn have an unbreakable friendship, Flynn’s brother, Joseph Flynn, told Real Raw News in March.

Our source was not privy to the outcome of Friday’s phone call but said it was unlikely that anyone, even Gen. Flynn, would receive a polygraph waiver.

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