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Game Theory, Compartmentalized, Operators Dialed-In With Orders They Never Divulge

The [DS]/Biden administration needed to extend the pause on loan payments so the people would not riot against the [DS]. The [CB] is now moving forward to make sure that the Chinese controls the US. Trump puts out a statement telling everyone they are moving forward with the Great Reset, the infrastructure is just the beginning.

Cruz points out that the [CB] is trying to control and then destroy crypto. Panic in DC, the [DS] knows that the people are catching on, the people no longer believe their lies, people are not following the mandate. Schiff panics wants Guantanamo prison closed now, he knows whats coming.

Devolution is moving forward, military compartmentalized, operators are dialed-in, they divulge the mission. Less than 10 no the plan, only 3 are non military, reconcile. The only way forward is the military.

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