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Former Vodafone Boss Blows Whistle on 5G Corona Virus Agenda (Video & Transcript) 

I was the head of the largest business unit at Vodafone. Their headquarters in Newberry between 2013 through 2015. Um, I was privy to a number of the new tech technologies that were coming down the pipe that was going to be implemented, naming-ly the internet of things, and secondly, the 5g technology.

I knew a long time ago that 5g was dangerous, but I didn’t understand the correlation with the Corona virus, which I am now doing. And I want to be able to explain that to you. So what is happening, um, is a deliberate strategy to roll out 5G, which is the fifth generation internet. Um, radio spectrum frequencies that enable mobile phones, smart phones, and all devices to function on a much faster processing ability and with the introduction of AI and artificial intelligence and the internet of things, where all devices will be connected.

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