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Former Navy Seal Michael Jaco: If the Border Is Wide Open for Illegals, Why Close the Legal Borders? – (Must Video)

Everyone in Arizona knows it was stolen. everyone on the country knows it was stolen & I heard that independents were the fastest growing # who were realizing it was stolen.

I live up in Northern AZ now. The majority do realize it WAS a RIGGED/STOLEN election. Also I meet tons of peeps from down in PHX/Tucson area. They too know!!!

Michael, Please see Bill SB2006 that DeSantis recently signed about forced jabberwocky. Please check with buddy Cirsten and get this verified. There are way too many pictures and articles showing him in with the black hats. His recent news conference was very discerning about his opposing facts on the subject. I reached out to my Representative and have NOT received a reply. Other than that, WELCOME TO THE SUNSHINE STATE!!

Video is on Desantis Telegram channel!! I also was shocked!! More disappointments! 

He knows if he doesn’t the cabal will deal with him!

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