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Faux Joe & Dawn of NESARA?

Topics on Today’s Broadcast of Real News Live:

  • (P)resident Joe Biden was spotted out in public this past weekend for 9/11 related activities.
  • But was that actually him, or an impostor in disguise? People have pointed out physical anomalies.
  • Hillary Clinton was probably a portrayal too. Things didn’t go so well for her last time.
  • NESARA is in the spotlight again as people are anticipating some kind of financial shakeup soon.
  • A reset is long overdue. Ideally with asset backed dollars in balance with other countries.
  • These stories and much more plus free psychic readings on this Monday News Update!

Here is the “EarGate” picture as “Faux Biden” removes his mask for a moment:

Here is Phil Godlewski’s video about NESARA:


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