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Fauci ADMITS “antibodies” from COVID-19 vaccines actually make the virus stronger

Chief Medical Advisor to the President Dr. Anthony Fauci admitted that the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccines could actually make the coronavirus worse.

During a press conference at the White House, Fauci talked about antibody-dependent enhancement, or ADE.

ADE is a phenomenon that happens when the antibodies generated by the body during an immune response bind themselves to the pathogen but do not properly wipe it out. Instead, these antibodies act as a Trojan horse, giving the pathogen a way to get further into the body and spread. This, in turn, requires an even greater immune response from the body, which might actually make the situation worse.

Scientists have recorded and admitted to the fact that some vaccines can cause ADE. For example, in the 1960s scientists were attempting to create a vaccine for respiratory syncytial virus (RSV). This virus commonly causes pneumonia in children. But during clinical trials, the children that received the vaccine and subsequently became infected with the virus were actually more likely to develop and die from pneumonia.

For a more recent example of ADE, in 2016, 14 children in the Philippines died of dengue after receiving an experimental dengue virus vaccine. Researchers believe the children developed antibody responses incapable of neutralizing the natural dengue virus that circulated in their areas.

During the press conference, Fauci admitted that public health authorities in the United States are researching ADE and are figuring out a way to make sure the COVID-19 vaccines do not cause it. He said:

“Does the vaccine make you worse? And there are diseases in which you vaccinated someone, they get infected with what you’re trying to protect them with, and you actually enhance the infection. You can get a good feel for that in animal models. So that’s going to be interspersed at the same time that we’re testing. We’re going to try and make sure we don’t have enhancement. The worst possible thing you can do is vaccinate somebody to prevent infection and actually make them worse.”

Studies prove that COVID-19 vaccines induce ADE

Multiple studies from around the world have already proven what Fauci is still attempting to ignore. Their results strongly suggest that the COVID-19 vaccines lead to the creation of more enhanced strains of the coronavirus through ADE.

In fact, one of the first studies suggesting this was published in late February of this year. This study suggested that the current COVID-19 vaccines may be able to provide some protection in the beginning. But this protection may significantly decrease over time, allowing the possibility of ADE associated with waning antibodies.

“Current SARS-CoV-2 vaccines appear to be providing protection with high antibody titers; the possibility of ADE risks associated with waning titers of antibodies over time remains unknown.”

Another study found that future attempts to create SARS-CoV-2 vaccines have potentially higher risks for inducing ADE in people who receive these new vaccines.

One other paper from Japanese researchers found that the post-vaccine delta variant of COVID-19 is mutating in such a way that suggests the variant already causes vaccine-acquired ADE, most likely from the Pfizer vaccine. (Related: Pfizer vaccine destroys T cells, weakens the immune system – study.)

Real-world data strongly suggests that vaccine-acquired ADE is already occurring. In Israel, one of the most fully vaccinated countries in the world, around 60 percent of people currently hospitalized for COVID-19 are fully vaccinated.

It should be noted that Israel’s vaccination rate is similar. Around 60 percent of the country’s entire population is fully vaccinated, and another five percent have received one dose of the vaccine.

Similar situations can be seen around the world, especially in countries with high COVID-19 vaccination rates.

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