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Emergency Saturday Broadcast! Dr. Francis Boyle Calls For Fauci’s Arrest! – Banned Must Video

Dr. Boyle makes the case that serious crimes against humanity have been carried out by Fauci and his globalist clique and that they must be brought to justice if the global nightmare is ever going to end. Infowars’ talk show host, Owen Shroyer, exclusively responds to the fraudulent FBI charges against him.

The government and legal systems have no intention of finding a legal avenue to force vaccination. Their strategy is clearly based in using “private” mandates. They encourage major employers to force mandates at their particular private level, they shield them legally in that pursuit, and they alter the tax / welfare benefit code such that lower profile employers go out of business. You’ll be “free” to choose not to get the jab, so long as you are prepared to be discharged from the military / fired from your employer. You will soon find yourself trying to support your family making less than vaxxed burger-flipper who is still in high school.

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