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Emergency Broadcast: Infrastructure Bill Containing Martial Law Provisions Set To Pass! – David Icke, Robert Barnes & Dr. Steven Greer – Banned Must Video

17 Republican senators are set to vote “Yes” on the America ending legislation. Alex Jones is joined by David Icke, Robert Barnes, Dr. Steven Greer & more in this absolute must see, 4 hour, emergency report.

The CDC is NOT a government agency.  They are a private company.  Our government is giving them a lot of power.  Don’t believe me they are private?  Look up their tax ID.  Government agencies don’t have tax ID.

CRAZY THOUGHT…if these vaccines have NANO-TECH, and GRAPHINE in them, and the 5G can activate it like a PROXIMITY CARD, then why don’t people do a test, like at work and have a “generator” emit that frequency and see if your co-workers “get sick” and feel ill?  Then another test on Government workers and see if “they” get sick.  SEEMS LIKE AN EASY TEST/EXPERIMENT  to see who is vaxed and who is not, AND if this whole thing is true or not!  Seem like a easy way to WAKE UP people ???  obviously this needs to be a blind test.

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