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Dr. Alina Lessenich – Vaccines Detoxification & Shedding Protection Protocol (Must Video)

In the video below, Dr. Alina Lessenich discusses how to detox form the vaccines and how to protect yourself form shedding. This is one to share with your family and friends!

Dr Alina Lessenich: That is how we could describe the corona vaccines.

Imagine selling a poorly-conceived car product, which billions of people HAD to buy twice a year.

A product, that would most likely damage the car`s engine (without someone being allowed to prosecute you for it), so that in future you would also make money from repairing or permanently taking care of the car`s engine (except from those cases, in which the engine is beyond repair and the car has to be scrapped, of course).

How insanely much money would you earn with such a product ?!

How important would it be to develop a high-quality product, when people HAVE to buy it, NO MATTER WHAT ?!

How important would it be to develop a product that doesn`t damage the engine, when you don`t have to PAY for the damage, but you EARN from it ?!

For a person with ethics, morals, and empathy these things would be way more important than potential earnings.

For the pharmaceutical industry too ?

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