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Douglas Macgregor’s Last WARNING – “In 24 hours EVERYTHING changes for the U.S., Iran is Ready”

The world’s stage is set, and the Middle East is the theater of a grotesque play. The United States, in a move that screams of hidden motives, is flooding the region with assets, money, and weapons. Israel, with a chilling determination, has thrown down the gauntlet, threatening to obliterate Iran if Hezbollah dares step into Gaza. And then there’s Turkey, positioning itself as the peacemaker, offering an olive branch of mediation. Yet, this stands in stark contrast to Secretary of State Anthony Blinken’s cold dismissal of any ceasefire. So, what’s the real game here?

Colonel Douglas McGregor, a military hawk with eyes like a hawk, hints that the puppet masters in Jerusalem might be the same ones whispering in Washington’s ear. Their endgame? A full-blown war. Sure, Hamas is no saint, but the method chosen for its annihilation is raising eyebrows. Mass punishment of 2.2 million souls? That’s not strategy; that’s madness. Especially when the entire region is on the brink, fuming over the blood of civilians spilled in Gaza. And who’s the villain in this tragic tale? As per the regional grapevine, it’s Israel.

The U.S., in a brazen move, is flexing its military muscles in the region. But this isn’t the Middle East of yesteryears. The Arab nations, once fragmented, now stand united, technologically empowered, and ready to lock horns. Throw Turkey and Iran into this powder keg, and you’ve got a ticking time bomb. Russia, with its vested interests in Iran, won’t just stand by and watch. An assault on Iran? That’s a direct invitation for Russia to join the dance of destruction.

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