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Dominion Whistleblower! Cuomo Guilty! CO Elections In Trouble! – RedPill78 ( Must Video )

Trust me when I say that TRUE AMERICAN PATRIOTS are now grouping, preparing, and coming together behind the scenes. Patriots are just silent for the moment. However patience is a virtue, and when the time is right, it’s GO TIME. God forbid if you are a Lefty, Lefty Politician, BLM,  Antifa, or the typical Cool Aid Colored Hair whiny pussy who thinks mob violence solves your problems. Your day is coming, it’s just around the corner. American Patriot’s are the MAJORITY not the minority. Good will conquer Evil, and it’s coming FAST!  ~ I’m a U.S Army & U.S. Air Force Veteran and I have a network of Active Military & Veterans friends. All of us Veterans have the same advice for all Americans. Stockpile food, water, firearms and ammo. Have a plan set with your family, and get networked with others who have your same morals, goals and resources. Remember Money, Gold and Silver doesn’t mean anything without food and water. Most Americans are late for the train, however there is still time. Please Americans, stockpile food, water, firearms and ammo. Protect that food and water using your family, friends and your 2nd Amendment rights to keep it. Prepare now, there’s a Bad Moon Rising.

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