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Deep Staters Headed To Guam Thrown Overboard for Inciting Insurrection

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Two Deep State prisoners aboard the Guam-bound Arleigh Burke-class destroyers were thrown overboard for inciting an insurrection, with one feigning illness to escape the cramped confines of a helicopter bay that the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers had converted into crude prison cells before the vessel left Guantanamo Bay.

As reported previously, Vice Adm. Darse E. Crandall and JAG senior staff decided to move high-value prisoners of war from GITMO to Guam, citing security concerns and deeming the naval station on Cuba to be vulnerable to a large-scale Deep State assault, like the incursion that took place Christmas Day. Two White Hat-controlled Arleigh Burke-class destroyers ferried crews and 65 convicts (fewer than we thought) to the recently opened Camp Blaz.

However, the voyage was not without incident.

A JAG source told Real Raw News that the helicopter hangers on both ships were retrofitted into jerry-rigged prison cells using sheets of reinforced plexiglass that stretched from deck to ceiling, forming secure, individual cubicles, each with a padlocked door. One vessel housed male prisoners, and the other held females. They ate in their cells and were escorted individually to the head—the Navy term for bathroom—a few times per day.

“The accommodations were spartan but humane,” our source said. “More than they deserve.”

On April 28, as the ships traversed the ocean at flank speed, a prisoner now identified as Chinese Canadian actor Simu Liu, best known for portraying Shang-Chi in the 2021 Marvel Cinematic Universe film Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings, began hollering that a detainee in an adjacent cell had spasmed, shit himself, and collapsed to the floor. That person was Deputy Director of the Central Intelligence Agency David Cohen, who, we now know, was arrested in April on treason charges for plotting to assassinate President Donald J. Trump.

The ship’s chief petty officer, armed, and two seamen carrying only non-lethal weapons opened the lock to Cohen’s cell, as the other confined Deep Staters boisterously castigated them for human rights abuses and for betraying their oath to the United States. Meanwhile, as Cohen lay motionless in sullied prison garb, Liu pounded his fists against the plexiglass, screaming, “Set us free, set us free,” stirring other captives to join his rancorous pleas for freedom. Their unruly howls became a cacophonous wail that echoed off the bulkheads.

Backup security arrived in the bay. Four U.S. Navy Seals secured the area while a corpsman evaluated Cohen. The corpsman was taking vital signs when Cohen suddenly sprang to life, putting the corpsman in a chokehold and proclaiming, “We’re commandeering this ship.”

His boneheaded mutiny saw a swift end; a SEAL sharpshooter put a round in his leg, causing Cohen to drop the corpsman and scream in agony.

By then the ship’s captain had set General Quarters—a situation in which a Navy ship is in normal battle mode, and all crew should report to their assigned battle stations—and commanded the SEALs to quell the uprising by any means necessary.

“The captain was given unilateral authority to deal with—problems,” our source said. “He deferred punishment to the SEAL team’s judgment.”

The SEAL leader reportedly pointed at Cohen, Liu, and a prisoner whose name RRN was not given, saying the third man would bear witness. They were taken aft to the flush deck at gunpoint, where the SEALs pushed Cohen and Liu overboard.

“You tell the rest what you saw here,” the SEAL lead told the witness. “Tell them if they behave, they’ll be fine. If not, every cell will be vacant when we reach Guam.”

Our source said the ship’s massive screws likely cut Cohen to ribbons. Liu was bobbing like a buoy when last seen.

In closing, we asked our source what crime Liu, a relatively obscure Hollywood figure, had committed to warrant such a grisly sentence.

“Liu was a Chinese spy for China who was intrinsically linked to secret Chinese police stations in the United States,” he said. He enunciated the word “China” as does President Trump. “When necessary, justice takes many forms. Being the second top guy in the CIA, Cohen didn’t have much intelligence.”

Cohen’s mundane escape attempt, incidentally, is nearly identical to that of a CIA agent who was killed trying to flee GITMO in March by playing sick and taking a medic hostage.

“Desperation breeds stupidity,” our source said.

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