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David Nino Rodriguez – The Next Engineered Scare Event! Humanity Fights Back! – Must Video

David Nino Rodriguez – The Next Engineered Scare Event! Humanity Fights Back!

I can’t say that I’ve “hated” anyone. After all, hate is a very strong emotion. I don’t know them. How can I possibly dislike them, let alone hate? What I don’t like is how you react when you have Kerry on. All the other guests (mostly men), you listen to, show deference to, respect. But this last “visit” with Kerry? It was horrible. You argued with her the entire time. You didn’t give her a chance to speak, to relay her opinions uninterrupted (as you do all the others); rather, you bantered and flat-out argued with her. Frankly, I only watched it for the first 15 minutes and then shut it off because I couldn’t stand listening to you and I was getting angry, which rarely happens. If I were her, I’d think twice about returning. At the least, I believe you owe her an apology.

Remember, Nino, you’re the one who is always saying that everyone is welcome on your channel, all opinions voiced. Yet, when she tried to voice hers, you shut her down each time. I guarantee you wouldn’t do that to Juan. Or Ghost. Or SG. But, you did it to Kerry. What you likely succeeded in doing was pissing off your female audience because we see how you treat everyone else and compare it to how you treated Kerry. I know, she’s…blunt. Still, respect, Nino. Respect. As an interviewer, it’s your job to keep personal opinions on the side and not let them affect how you do your JOB.

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