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Chinese Cupping Vaccine Blood Removal Shows Vax Turns Blood Into Clotted Jelly!! (Must Video)

Jesus God in heaven! No wonder people and children are dying of blood clots from that shot. Lord, Father , we ask you humbly but with great urgency, please deal well with these demons who seek to murder us. Thank you, Father. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

If this isn’t enough to discourage someone from taking this poison, nothing will.

I think that fellow from Australia who produced a two hour video on the history and agenda of the Masonic Order pretty well summed it up on just who and what is behind all our troubles when he shows hundreds of photographs of politicians, bureaucrats like Dr. Fauci, people in the entertainment industry in Hollywood, yes and even the House of Windsor and our world political leaders giving the hand signals telling their fellow occult brother that they too are members of the church of Lucifer. Looks as if it boils down to a battle between The Son of God and ol’ Lucifer himself trying to take over the world. THAT VIDEO SHOULD BE BROADCAST FROM THE HIGHEST ROOF as it appear to be dead on. The photographic evidence tell all.

Why is no-one stopping these vile people…we are just sitting there allowing them to perpetrate the worst crime in history, I don’t believe it. There must be some laws against the evil deep state…we cannot be that powerless.

I learned how to do cupping 40 years ago when studying acupressure and Chinese medicine and wondered why nobody was talking about using cupping to immediately remove contaminated blood after a jab. It’s not illegal to buy a set of cups online, I have to replace my set periodically. I use cupping to pull out toxins from insect bites, stagnant blood, etc. It is highly effective,and you can enhance the suction by applying something like Tiger Balm on the area before cupping or doing Gu-sha (look it up) or a hot ginger compress. Traditional Chinese medicine is highly effective and has been shoved aside in favor of western medicine even in China.


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