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Central China: Millions of Villagers Abandon Homes! 3 Dams Collapsed In 48 Hours! Why Severe Floods? – China Insights Must Video

Recently, as heavy rains continue to fall in the province, local governments in China have quietly opened reservoirs or dug up dikes to release floodwater, resulting in severe flooding in many areas. The hardest-hit areas have also moved from Zhengzhou, the capital city of Henan Province, to its northern part. Villagers told overseas Chinese media that the local Chinese government opened the dams of the reservoirs to the downstream rivers, the Qihe and Weihe rivers, to release the floodwaters. – 7

It has resulted in the dams in the downstream city of Weihui either breaching, collapsing, or being officially dug up, thus leading to significant flooding in the local townships. Why do officials insist on opening the reservoir to release water when they know it will pose a great danger to the local people or downstream without issuing a safety warning in advance? #chinaflood#zhengzhouflood#henanflood

When the wicked rule, the common people will suffer. Sad…..

The Chinese Communist Party will protect the party, not the people!

Seeing these Chinese citizens with no knowledge of what is coming for them, all the cries all the lost, it’s just depressing

Just all for the money…that’s what you get when your government worships money.

What is this? These are human lives for god sake! People in charge can choose who’s going to die or which town need to be sacrifice, so sad. Wishing everyone safe and well.

How the CCP treated their citizens and towns as expendable. Total mess over there. disgusting censorship. China to lead the world? nah mate.

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